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How to choose the right material for your packaging?


※  PVC

PVC is the main material that used for making clear blister products, and it’s also widely used & liked material.

PVC material is divided into two varieties:

*Recycled/environmental friendly

*Non-recyclable/not environmental friendly

It can be used to made clear, colorized, static-free, gold plating, and pile coating blister packaging.


*High transparency & tenacity

*Less flaw

*Wide usage

*Strong shock resistance

*Easy to shape

*Won’t burn easily

PVC plastic packaging is widely used as outer packaging for toys, food, electronics, medicine, electric appliance, gift & craft, cosmetic, stationery, etc.    

※  PP

PP takes polypropylene as the main raw material, adding various industrial color masterbatch, flexibilizer and sensitizer. After the process of mixing, plasticizing extrusion, three roll calendering, cooling, traction and coiling, finished PP sheet comes out. 





*High mechanical strength

*Good barrier property

*Can meet the testing standard of food

*High temperature & low temperature resistance

*Applicable for microwave

PP material can be used for packaging of industrial, agriculture, and fruit. Blister made from PP non-slip sheet is bright & clean, so it win a good reputation among customers.

PP material can also used for packaging of cold-resistant frozen food, like ice cream container, dumpling blister tray, sweet dumpling blister tray and so on.


*Low dimensional accuracy

*Lack of rigidity

*Poor weather resistance

*Easy to produce “copper harm”

*Post systolic shortening

*Aging, brittle, and deformed

※  PET

PET is also a developing material in recent years. Since it is kind of recycled material, nowadays it’s gradually taking the place of PVC, but the price compared to PVC material is expensive. 


*Excellent toughness

*High transparency & strength


*Easy to burn, but will not produce harmful gases while burning

It’s suitable to make high-end blister products, and Occident generally will require to use PET material. But as its high hot melting point, it brings difficulty for HF emboss sealing.


In order to solve the problem of PET’s high hot melting point, people cover a layer of PVC film, and named it PETG. The price of PETG material is even higher than PET material.


*Excellent transparency and smooth finish

*Excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment. Easy to press patterns and easy for metal treatment(vacuum gold-plating layer)

* Good mechanical strength

*Good resistance to oxygen & water vapor

*Nice chemical resistance, able to withstand the erosion of various chemicals.

*Good adaptability to environmental protection, economic and convenient to recycle. When its wastes are burned, no hazardous substances will be produced. Such material are considered to be an ideal packaging material in line with (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.

It’s mainly used for electronics, food, toys, printed box window, collar holder, packaging box for shoes and so on.

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