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What is the advantage of plastic box when compares to paper box?


What's the advantage of plastic box when compares to paper box?

I believe that everyone is familiar with paper or plastic packaging, as they have played a important role in packaging filed. In terms of cost, paper packaging costs much higher while plastic packaging costs less than paper packaging.

The biggest weakness of paper boxes is its poor water resistance, while plastic boxes have good water resistance. We have to say plastic packaging’s speciality is that it’s light and with very good mechanical properties, which play a part in reducing weight of shipment, easy to ship, etc.

Besides, plastic material has very appropriate penetrability and blocking performance. You have to know, in the field of plastic packaging, there are gas blocking packaging, moisture-proof packaging, water proof packaging and various of fresh-keeping packaging for fruits & vegetables. These are extended plastic packaging that with the aim to meet the requirement of fresh fruit & vegetable’s respiration.

What’s more, plastic packaging has good optical performance. As we can make the plastic packaging in transparent/clear, so that customers can see the inside products. This is a good method to promote products indirectly. It can’t be denied that plastic packaging material has well health properties. Speaking of pure polymer resin, plastic packaging is nearly nontoxic, so when we apply plastic packaging to food packing, there’s no need to worry about its safety.

Now you know why plastic packaging is choosen by more and more people. If you are still not sure about whether you should use plastic packaging to pack your products, or whether plastic packaging is suitable to your products, just contact Yijianxing and we will give you helpful suggestion. Zhongshan Yijianxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd has focused on packaging boxes for more than ten years, with rich packaging manufacturing experience, we are sure that we can become your best packaging supplier!

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