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Do you know the process of producing clear plastic boxes?


If you happen to looking for packaging boxes for your products, it’s good to know the process of packaging production. This article will give you a clear view of that.

Step one: Plate making

Nowadays more and more customers have high requirements on plastic packaging’s appearance. So the colors of plate making are various. Generally one style of plastic boxes will not only have 4 basic colors but also few spot color like gold, silver, etc. 

Step two: Select material

PET, PVC, and PP is the most frequently used material. Thickness of PVC & PET are both from 0.2mm to 0.8mm. Thickness of PP material can be 1.2mm, but plastic box is too hard if it’s made from too thick material, also the box itself will be rigid.

Step three: Printing

We will print inside of the box, if customers need printing outside, we will print through silk printing. Because plastic box is outer packaging box for products, so it requires a high printing process. Pay more attention to color difference, ink dot, fade color, these short comings that will affect the aesthetic.

Step four: Surface treatment

Surface treatment is common, and most common surface treatments are Opp lamination, Matt lamination, Gloss varnish, Matt varnish, and UV coating. That’s also so called offset printing.

Step five: Die-cutting

Die cutting is the most important step in printing process. Only the knife mold is made accurately, the cut products won’t have serious impact on subsequent processing.  

Step six: Laminating

Generally laminating process is before die-cutting for printing product, but only plastic boxes proceed die-cutting before laminating. On the one hand, it’s because that may scratch the packaging if proceed laminating firstly, on the other hand, it’s because plastic boxes are particular about overall aesthetics so the laminating material must be hand made, that the plastic boxes can achieve a certain aesthetic. 

Step seven: Punching or cleaning

If the box are required with hanger tab, then we will proceed punching after laminating, if not, then we just clean up the glue on boxes.

Step eight: Packaging

Wrap the plastic boxes up with contraction protective film to avoid scratch, then pack into the standard export carton or pack as per customers’ requirements.

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